1. Buildings will be ready for the reception of livestock by Wed., June 7th.
  2. No selling of hay, straw or grain will be permitted other than by Expo.
  3. Parking on roadway between barns and arena is absolutely prohibited. No car or truck traffic will be permitted between cow barns, horse barns and arena on Friday - Saturday from 11am-11pm and Sunday from 10am-4pm.
  4. All judges have been carefully selected, and persons making an entry accept these judges and agree to abide by their decisions. Protests on any other grounds must be made in writing on the same day in which the protest action was taken, given to the Committee Chairperson, and be accompanied by $50 which will be returned if the protest is sustained.
  5. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings.
  6. Expo Ormstown will take responsible precautions to ensure the safety of all animals on exhibition, yet, they wish to distinctly make it understood that the owners themselves must take all risk of loss of any kind while on the grounds.
  7. Expo Ormstown will not hold itself responsible for any printer’s errors or other palpable errors in the prize list.
  8. No dog or other vicious animal will be allowed on the grounds unless forming part of an entertainment group or is leashed and under the constant care of its keeper.
  9. It is forbidden to connect heaters, fans, flood lights, etc. to the electric circuits in the barns without consulting with the Grounds Manager
  10. Any exhibitor found stabling a horse on the grounds that has not been properly entered will be charged $20 and the said horse may be removed from the grounds by authority of the Horse Committee.
  11. During the fair, before 7:00 a.m., livestock exhibitors must clean stalls removing manure, etc. in preparation for the opening of the gates and the public's arrival.
  12. The Directors reserve the right to interpret and enforce these rules any way they see fit.
  13. Exhibitors are requested to present proof of $1,000,000 insurance when making entries.
  14. Taxes are included in the entry fees and stall rentals.
  15. Expo Ormstown will not be held responsible for any accidents occurring to its patrons on the fair grounds during the Fair or at any other time.
  16. Expo Ormstown reserves the right to limit the number of entries accepted.

Reserved trailer hookups are available at a cost of $50/hookup to exhibitors (taxes included) for the duration of the fair. Please indicate on your entry form if you require a hookup and the length of your trailer.

If you need any supplies of hay, straw or shavings during the fair please place your order on your entry. Only orders on the entry form will be supplied.

There will be ARBA-sanctioned and AELCQ-sanctioned competitions in the Box Show, 9 June 2018
Click here to view Full Prize List and Rules (PDF Version)