25 May 2019 , 18:1800 - 21:1800

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5th Annual Spring Gala May 25th 2019

Cocktails 6:30 P.M. Supper 7:30 P.M.

Live auction & music

Be part of this fundraising event, come out for a night of good food and  great entertainment.

For information and tickets, contact: manager@expoormstown.com or contact on any of the board of directors listed below:

Mark Anderson   (silverstream08@hotmail.com)
Stephanie Maynard   (steph@lafermequinn.ca)
Alex McCaig   (alexandermccaig@gmail.com)
Ashley Cameron   (lodgeholsteins@gmail.com)
Carl Rember   (carlrember@gmail.com)
Doug Bryson   (dougbryson@live.com)
Jacques Sabetta   (darljacq@gmail.com)
Jonathan Tully   (jonathantully@gmail.com)
Mitchell Lefebvre  (mlefebvre90@hotmail.com)
Scott McClintock   (scottmcc1@hotmail.com) and
Jayme McClintock   (jayme_mcc18@hotmail.com)