About Us

The Ormstown Exhibition has become a household name across the Chateauguay Valley and beyond after over 100 years since its inception. Established in 1910 by the Livestock Breeders Association, the Ormstown Exhibition gave local livestock enthusiasts the opportunity to show their most prized cattle and horses.

Over time, the Ormstown Exhibition has not only become a recognized agricultural fair but has also expanded its grounds to broaden its reach to a larger population. Today’s Ormstown Exhibition has something for everyone! – parades, various cattle, horse and other livestock shows, midway complete with rides and games, demolition derby, tractor pull, live music, local valley food tastings and more.

The objective of the Ormstown Exhibitions organizing committee, the Livestock Breeders Association, are to respond to the changes in our surrounding urban and rural communities by providing an entertaining and authentic agricultural experience in a welcoming and secure environment.

Board of Directors

President: Mark Anderson

Vice-President: Stephanie Maynard

Directors: Alex McCaig, Ashley Cameron, Carl Rember, Doug Bryson, Jacques Sabetta, Jonathan Tully, Mitchell Lefebvre, Nancy Saunders, Scott McClintock

Secretary: Jayme McClintock

Manager: Susan Morison