Volunteer positions available

We are grateful for the many volunteers that give their time throughout the year.
To find out how you can help, please get in touch with the head of the committee from the list below.

4-H Committee: Heather Barr

Ag Awareness Committee:  Loraine Lamb Lalonde

Heavy Horse  Committee:  Scott McClintock

Light Horse Committee:  Deborah Wilson

Cattle Committee: Ken Elder

Box Show Committee: Cheryl Johnston

Poultry Committee: Matthew Elliot

Entertainment Committee: Bartley Chisholm

Marketing Committee: Jayme McClintock    

Refreshment Committee: Eric Bourdeau

Grounds Committee: Carl Rember

Finance Committee: Bill Blair

Friendship Tent Committee:  Don Gillies

Logistics Committee: Stephanie Maynard

Dining Hall Committee: Lynn Hamilton

Reception Committee: Ken Court

Ring Crew: Jeff Eastwood

Home and Garden: Darleen Sabetta Kerr