A project combining the environment and socioeconomic development

The Centre Agri-Culture Center is a project supported by Desjardins’ GoodSpark Fund. This project arose from a growing interest in sustainable agriculture. Our organization was looking to optimize its service offer to support all farmers to prosper towards a sustainable future. Working in collaboration with agricultural entrepreneurs for over a century, we are the organization best equipped to develop this major project.

We have therefore created the Centre Agri-Culture Center, a laborious endeavour born from an idea dating back to 2019. This leadership centre for bilingual training in sustainable agriculture, agritourism and food processing will definitely support the longevity of agricultural businesses of the Haut-Saint-Laurent region and surrounding areas. The agricultural sustainability taught will aim to maximize the economic and environmental stability, equity and health of the territory’s agricultural exploitation.

Trainings and conferences on diverse subjects, such as:

  • The efficient production of safe and high quality agricultural products;
  • The improvement of the natural environment, as well as social and economic conditions for the farmers, their employees, and the local communities;
  • Maintaining the health and well-being of farm animals;
  • Crisis management in communications, and all related new technologies;
  • The transformation of agritourism farm businesses;
  • The different tools offered for sustainable agriculture;

will be offered by qualified experts from all over Quebec and Ontario.

The $664,500 contribution from the GoodSpark Fund and the seven Desjardins caisses of the South West of the Montérégie region for this project will allow the LBA to generate more investments from partners and the government in order to continue to upgrade buildings and facilities, as well as to expand their range of activities.

The Centre Agri-Culture Center project is special in nature, as it combines the environment and socioeconomic development. The GoodSpark Fund aims indeed to support innovative and structuring projects throughout the province of Quebec, in a perspective of sustainable development. For the region, this project will represent a definite addition to the socioeconomic vitality, notwithstanding the positive impact on farmers, producers and businesses locally and all across Quebec.

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