During Expo Ormstown

Demolition Derby

The Derby is the most popular event of the Desjardins Expo Ormstown!

Tractor pull

Witness the quintessential agricultural fair event!

Cattle Show

Holstein, Ayrshire and Colored Breeds: who will be crowned in each category?

Heavy Horse

You will be dazzled by these impressive horses!

Light Horse

Witness the agility and skills of these horses in many different types of competition.


Our maple producers showcase the fruits of their labour.

Throughout the year

LBA Fall Rib Festival

The fall rib fest will not only host an array of activities the whole weekend, but we we also have ribs! Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ribs, ribs and more ribs. Free entrance all weekend long, come on out and enjoy!

LBA Christmas Village

Experience the sights and sounds of Christmas as you walk through the fairgrounds!