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Becoming a Member of the Livestock Breeders Association of the District of Beauharnois helps us to develop, connect and grow.

Your $10 annual membership fee gives you the power and authority to vote at the Annual General Meeting. The review of past events, budgets and most importantly the future of the organization are all essential aspects of the AGM. All membership funds go towards the maintenance of the property and buildings, allowing LBA to continue to host numerous events.

Above all, through your membership, you support a local organization that makes a difference within your community, which you also help grow.

Members benefit

The LBA is proud to announce its partnership with the Taverne de la Ferme!

Upon registration, all members receive a gift certificate to the Taverne de la Ferme!

Do not miss your chance to support the LBA and sit comfortably with great food and a cold beer!

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